B&B Il Faro

B&B Il Faro is located few meters from the “Great Lighthouse” of Porto Cesareo, the highest point of the area, immediately close to the town. Location is delightful both far from traffic and placed less than a km from the blue sea.

The name we chose, “The Lighthouse” is closely related to our philosophy of hospitality. In fact, we would like to be your guide in every moment of the holiday: from your arrival up to all the enchanting experiences that Salento could offer.

We create a comfortable environment for our guests.

Particolare corridoio B&B Il Faro
The bright, modern design of the rooms reflects our sea that we honored in our furniture by using tools and objects common to our culture. In addition, the white colors stand out the blue ceramics creating a unique atmosphere.

The rooms are arranged according to the cardinal points: North suite, South suite and West Suite

The structure has includes:

  • Smartphone App dedicated to all Salento services;
  • TV sat (lunchroom);
  • Transfer service;
  • Breakfast room;
  • Relax area, outside;
  • Bike rental free;
  • Private parking on the centre of Porto Cesareo;
  • Contacts for different holiday services (Sailing, Diving, Hiking, Restaurants …)

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