Teranga Bay - Punta Prosciutto - Salento

Lido Teranga Bay – Punta Prosciutto

Teranga Bay, private beach resort,  is located in Punta Prosciutto one of most interesting location of Salento. This bay is characterized by high dunes of white sand and crystalline sea with thousand tone of blue. As for the B&b also the Lido Teranga Bay possesses in his name the philosophy of placing the “guests at the center of the holiday”. The meaning of Teranga name rooted in history, does not have an exact translation, from word to word, but we can translate it with an ideogram:

“In the mythical stories of sailors and heroes of ancient Greece, as well as in several other of the countless myths legends and traditions, what always struck me was the sacred image of hospitality. The idea that you, in front of a foreign man arriving from afar, need to stop in order to heard his words and his stories, banquet with him and share his welcoming. ” (FL)

In the Wolof language of Senegal to define what it offers to the guest, and he will feel committed to exchange with a gesture of reciprocity, we use the term “Teranga“.

From this concept of Kindness we move to name the beach resort as Teranga with mission that we indent to pursue: Welcoming our guests.

Teranga Bay is a beach resort completely surrounded by white dune of send and wild nature. It’s a great place where you will spend the day at the beach relaxing, tasting excellent cuisine and join good music.

In our panoramic terrace you will appreciate delicious appetizers with a glittering sunset on the sea as background and exclusive selection of music (Jazz, Bossanova, Groove, Lounge Vocal House).

The structure has includes:

  • Sun umbrellas;
  • Sun beds;
  • Lifeguard service;
  • Coffee bar;
  • Gazebo with table and sofa;
  • Drinks, ice creams, sourbets and restaurant;
  • Toilets and showers free.
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